Save Money On Mailers – Save on 1st Class Postage!

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently made changes to its postal regulations for first-class postcards. Previously, the rate for first-class letters was up to 53 cents per piece, but the new rate for postcards can now be as low as 35 cents. This change has important implications for garden centers that use direct mailers to reach their customers.

One of the key differences in the new regulations is the size of the postcard that can be sent at the lower rate. Previously, the maximum size for postcards was 6″ x 4.25″, but under the new regulations, postcards can be up to 6″ x 9″. This change opens up new possibilities for garden centers looking to reach their customers through direct mailers.

The larger size of the postcard means that garden centers can now include more information and images on their direct mailers. This can be especially useful for promoting new products or showcasing the beauty of their garden center. The larger size also makes it easier for customers to keep the mailer handy, as it is less likely to be lost or discarded compared to smaller pieces of mail.

In addition to the new size restrictions, the lower rate for postcards can also be a significant cost savings for garden centers. The lower rate means that garden centers can send more mailers to their customers for the same cost, or they can opt for higher quality print materials and still come in under the previous cost. One of our customers will save over $1000 on their postcard postage! Either way, the new regulations present an opportunity for garden centers to improve their direct mail campaigns and reach more customers.

In conclusion, the changes in USPS postal regulations for first-class postcards offer new opportunities for garden centers to reach their customers through direct mailers. The larger size and lower cost make it easier for garden centers to promote their products and engage their customers, while also saving on their marketing budget. By taking advantage of these changes, garden centers can grow their business and reach more customers through the power of direct mail.

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