Bonus Bucks: Keep loyal customers coming back for more…

Bonus Bucks are a great way for retailers to smooth out the peaks and valleys that can come with a seasonal business. With our Bucks program Sunrise Marketing continues to provide real-world marketing tools for small business.

Using Bonus Bucks is simple: issue Bucks during your busy season – usually a 3-4 week period, and redeem them in a slower season – again, usually about a 3-4 week period.

Bonus Bucks, Merry Money, Blooming Bucks, Dirt Dollars – whatever you call them, THEY WORK!!

Bonus Bucks Benefits

  • Absolute Distribution

    Everyone gets ‘Bucks’ with completion of transactions

  • Best Timing

    Issue when you’re busy for maximum distribution; Redeem when you are slow.

  • High Redemption Rates

    Redemption rates have been reported as high as 30-40%. Your results may vary.

  • Custom Made for You

    Completely customizable. No additional charge for complete customization.

  • Combine with Mobile App

    Use our companion marketing tools to promote in store, in print, and online to promote your bucks.

Get Some Inspirations

View some Bonus Bucks Sample Designs.

More About Bonus Bucks

Best way to use Bonus ‘Bucks’

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