Bonus Bucks: Keep loyal customers coming back for more…

Bonus Bucks are a great way for retailers to smooth out the peaks and valleys that can come with a seasonal business. With our Bucks program Sunrise Marketing continues to provide real-world marketing tools for small business.

Using Bonus Bucks is simple: issue Bucks during your busy season – usually a 3-4 week period, and redeem them in a slower season – again, usually about a 3-4 week period.

Bonus Bucks, Merry Money, Blooming Bucks, Dirt Dollars – whatever you call them, THEY WORK!!

choose your buck design

Bonus Bucks Benefits

Everyone gets ‘Bucks’ with completion of transactions. Plus you are rewarding your best customers. The more they spend, the more they earn. Which means they are more likely to return for redemption.

Issue when you’re busy for maximum distribution; Redeem when you are slow. It simple, the more bucks you issue, the greater ROI. Depending upon your location you will want to issue them in the Spring for redemption in late Summer.

Redemption rates have been reported as high as 30-40%. Your results may vary. Many garden centers have been using Bucks for over 10 years. The reason is simple – they really work. 

Completely customizable. No additional charge for complete customization. You can choose from a wide variety of design styles. We can customize with specific images, colors, fonts plus your logo. Have another idea? Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

real world results

Our response rate varies from 20% – 25%.

August in Texas used to be our slowest month because it is usually dry and brutally hot. Bonus bucks have changed the paradigm of zero shoppers and an extremely poor performing month from a revenue perspective. Through the bonus buck program August has become our 4th busiest month AFTER discount bonus bucks from revenue. The material value of what we sell in August rivals the second busiest month. It’s nuts!

Brandon Kirby – Rainbow Gardens