E-mail Marketing

Generate Leads

Identify previously anonymous visitors and capture detailed information. Automate and optimize your marketing communications based on real-time data from your target market.

Drive Sales

Score leads based on their behavior and get instant sales opportunity alerts for prospects. Automate lead nurturing with behavior-based tracking and visitor data to know when to sell and when to nurture your prospects.

Optimize Spend

Understand full end-to-end ROI and evaluate campaigns with accurate and relevant data – justify marketing spend and optimize every campaign.

Target List = Results

  • Sunrise Marketing’s email marketing campaigns are designed to get new customers in the door.
  • They drive traffic to your website and help grow your marketing database by creating prospects and leads.
  • Reach Consumers at the Inbox – Most of your potential customers check their email daily.
  • Targeted Lists – you choose the demographics of the individuals you want to market to.
  • Full reporting – access to the dashboard that allows you to see the ROI from every aspect, make sure that your sales expectations of the media buy are being met.
  • CAN/SPAM Compliant – we manage opt-in lists and make sure that the rules are being followed.
  • Companies that use lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

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