Personalized Postcards

“The emotional connection with gardening and customer’s loyalty to the companies they patronize has been proven time and again, and one of our biggest successes was when we switched up the format of the cards and started putting our staff’s photos on them.” – Gail Vanick, Seasoned Gardeners Consulting

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“We have been using the app built for New Garden from Sunrise Marketing for several years, and with the latest update, it is better than ever.” – Jessica Story, New Garden Nursery

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Completely Customized Sign Solutions

At Sunrise Marketing our ability to custom create and print out one at a time signs helps our customers get just the right look for their business. We offer a large range of sizes, shapes, images and colors.

Your Message, Your Way.

Let our talented team of designers create custom solutions for your store signage. We print on a variety of materials and a wide range of sizes. 

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Bonus Bucks – 

“Our response rate varies from 20% to 25%.
Bonus Bucks have changed the paradigm of zero shoppers and an extremely poor performing month from a revenue perspective. Through the Bonus Bucks program August has become our 4th busiest month AFTER discount bonus bucks from revenue. August rivals the second busiest month. It’s nuts!” – Brandon Kirby, Rainbow Gardens

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See You @ The Show!

Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
January 17-19, 2024
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