Recommendation on best way to use ‘Bucks’

When to issue – Bonus Bucks should be distributed during busiest selling seasons. Spike seasons ensure the greatest possible distribution. The more bucks distributed, the greater the odds for redemption. While strategies might differ from store to store, generally a four to six week distribution period is recommended.

When to redeem – Redemption periods should be scheduled in slower sales periods. Redemption periods range from two to four weeks.

How much to offer – Typical ratio for distribution is one bonus buck for every ten dollars spent. This is easy for both staff and customers to understand.

How to choose denominations – It has been our experience that the ratio of one $5 to five $1’s, which when printed six to a sheet, equals $10. $10 in Bonus Bucks will support $100 in retail sales. This ratio generally results in the least amount of residual bucks. We do offer bucks in one, five, and ten dollar denominations.

Please use our ‘Bucks’ calculator to determine how many ‘sheets’ you need. You will need to estimate your retail sales during the issue period. This will be the best way to determine a more exact quantity of ‘sheets’ you will need. Just submit this worksheet and we’ll contact you with your quotation.

Please note: the minimum order for ‘Bucks’ is 1000 sheets.

More information on Bonus Bucks…

Rules and exclusions – Sunrise Marketing will print any and all exclusions requested by the retailer. Typical exclusions might include sale items, labor, delivery, wire service, gift cards, etc.

Rules of redemption – We recommend a strategy of limiting redemption to “up to 50% of pre-tax purchase amount.” Some retailers choose to restrict purchases. Consider excluding installation fees, labor, delivery charges, sale items, etc.

Logo/Web Address – We recommend utilizing your logo and web address where possible. A Bonus Buck is an advertisement. You are just creating a direct-to-customer distribution. Treat this ad as you would any other print material.

Which Season to issue – Peak seasons like Spring (Mother’s Day to Memorial Day) and Holiday (Thanksgiving to Christmas) are generally spike selling seasons for retailers. These make ideal distribution dates. Some retailers do issue Bonus Bucks year round with designated months for redemption.

bonus buck calculator

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