A Road Map to Loyalty

We see what we’re looking for. We eat with our eyes. We buy what we see.

The path to your garden center often begins in a garden. It begins with something in bloom, or something unusual, extraordinary; something remarkable.

Or it might be something buggy, or worse yet, dead or dying. The point is people come to your garden center for something they want or need. One morning they wake up to roses in bloom in the neighbor’s yard, or powdery mildew on the lilacs in their own.

They may be curious about what type of rose it is; will it grow in my garden? How do I plant a rose bush any way? When do you prune it? How do you feed it? And what is powdery mildew any way? How did I get it? How do I get rid of it?

What do they do next? That is the moment of truth. Who are they going to call (or Google)?

We fast forward to your garden center. Your staff is walking the customer, Mary, through your nursery yard picking out roses. You are talking over a bad case of powdery mildew with another customer, Fred.  They both leave happy. Will they be back? Well that depends on what you do now.

Let’s chart a course from their backyard to your nursery yard. Let’s create a road map to connect you and your customers. Connections with real communication that builds strong relationships; relationships where your customers, and their friends and family, bond to your business as a trusted resource for all things green and growing. A trusted friend, who is easy to talk to, is knowledgeable and always seems to have the knack of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Your garden center needs to be that friend. Your marketing plan needs to chart that course. Your business needs to connect that message to their wants and needs.

What your business needs is to be relevant. Relevant in a day and age when people think with their smart devices and tablets; relevant in an age when curiosity is rewarded and people want to know NOW.

In simple terms your business needs to be the answer to the question. Want a rose garden? Go to (your garden center names goes here). Need to know what kind of bug is bugging you? Snap a picture and hit send. Reward their curiosity with a plant guide that goes everywhere they go. And recognize their loyalty with rewards they actually want.

That’s why we created epunched. It is a mobile app platform designed for garden centers just like yours. It is a customized app that puts your business, your brand, right on their iPhone (or Droid) faceplate. Our goal was to put your business at their fingertips. We know that customer loyalty is more than just POS and points. It rewards, but it also informs and inspires. It’s fun, it’s easy and it works. With epunched we created a smarter way to reward your customers.