We’re a Constant Contact Business Partner

Were you aware of these other great Constant Contact services? In preparation for this month’s e-newsletter we created some sample events and polls so you could directly experience these valuable Constant Contact tools. We’re a Constant Contact business partner. We can help you set up your account, build a custom e-newsletter template, upload your contacts and help you launch your first campaign. Constant Contact is a direct pay meaning when we establish your account for you a credit card is required for the monthly fee. All Sunrise Marketing fees are available in our support contracts.

In order to manage your account we would either need your existing user name and password, or we could set up the account for you. Click the button if you are interested in a FREE 60-day trial.

Constant Contact(R)

Trusted Email Marketing

Surveys/Polls – This is a great way to take the pulse of your customers. What are they most interested in? What challenges do they face, or what type of gardening are they most interested in? You can see a sample poll on our website – look in the sidebar for our ‘Quick Poll’. Learn More >

EventSpot – If you are planning an event, whether it is a seminar, class or other meeting, then you should consider using the Events feature. You can even configure it to collect registration fees, set a sign up limit, as well as managing the RSVP dates. Of course we can then promote it with an eblast, or use the Social Share to have it posted on your Facebook or Twitter feed. As an example we have set up an event for an upcoming trade show. Watch future emails from Sunrise Marketing for details. Learn More >

Offers – This is more of a “Groupon” type of promotion where you would offer a discount and then an incentive to customers so they pass it along to others. Good idea. Much less expensive than Groupon where $3 per offer would be the most you would pay Constant Contact. If you are thinking of Groupon or Living Social you might want to try this first. Again, we put together a sample offer which will be made ‘live’ so it is an actual offer with significant discount for passing it along. Learn More >

Social Campaigns – Social Campaigns helps you grow your audience and keep them interested in your business. Get new fans to “like” your page with an enticing offer that you can easily promote to your social media networks and email lists in less than 15 minutes. Create a professional-looking Facebook landing page with a great offer to draw new fans. Decide if you’d like to offer a Coupon, Downloadable Content, or a Sweepstakes. Publish your campaign on Facebook, then easily promote it to your other social networks and existing email lists. Learn More >