New AI Image Generator Tool Added To App Platform

No more scrambling for the right image!

We’re excited to announce the introduction of our new AI image generator for the Sunrise Marketing app platform. We know it can be a challenge at times to find the right photo or graphic for your posts or deals. You either can’t find the right image, or you are tight on time. That’s where our new AI tool comes to the rescue.

The important thing to remember here is that this is meant to act as an illustration or graphic that helps to communicate your message. It is not a way to create precise photo-realistic images. In that respect it is perfect for using on many types of posts.

App clients are initially provided 20 credits for image generation. You need one credit per image. Keep in mind, it might take a few tries to get the right look and feel for your post. If you don’t like the first one, remove the image and try again.

We hope you’ll have fun with this powerful little tool for crafting your message. This image generator is just another way that Sunrise Marketing is putting powerful AI tools to work for your business.

1) Compose a Post

From the admin panel click on Post, Add a Post. This will bring up the dialog screen. It will give you the option to upload an image OR you can use the new image generator to create an image. 

Step 2 – Enter a Prompt

A prompt is a simple command or instructions to communicate what kind of image you would like. Notice the sample prompt that begins with “Create an image…” It is succinct but gives the AI tool enough information to start with.

After you have entered your prompt, click on the black “Generate” bar. In paranthesis you will see how many image credits you have remaining.

Step 3 – Compose Your Message

It might take a minute or two to generate your image. Once completed it will render the first element – your image – in your post. Simply add the title, perhaps a badge (the highlighted text on the top of the image) and a brief description. You’ll see your post take shape instantly. From that point you can select a background color, establish a post publish and expiration period and even a highlighted icon. 

Remember to ‘Save’ your post. Return to your ‘Feed’ and drag and drop to the position you would like it to appear in.

It’s Just That Easy!

With the Sunrise Marketing app platform you can create completely customized posts for publication in minutes! We hope this sparks your imagination in exciting new ways to create just the right image.

The image generation tool is also available for deals. Same simple instructions can have your deal up and working in no time.

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