Life Changes

Boomers are still your best bet for business.

Many of your customers might fit the profile like Ann and I. Ann is retired now while I still manage my small business. Our responsibilities now include baby-sitting on demand, caring for aging parents and participating on the condo gardening committee. I have been touched recently with how to share my love of plants and gardening with both my daughter and her two boys (both in diapers, but, hey, you can’t start too soon).

So we recently purchased a tree for her front yard (pretty good size, because you never know…), as well as planting a few shrubs and perennials. Plus Beau (secretly captured through the window screen) and I like to dig in the dirt together. So I thought I would share some thoughts on adjusting your message to meet boomers changing lifestyle.

As boomers we have experienced a significant shift in our gardening needs and interests over the years. While our love for gardening has not diminished, they now find themselves increasingly involved in helping their adult children with landscaping expenses for starter homes and sharing their knowledge and passion for gardening with their grandchildren. This change in priorities offers a unique opportunity for your garden center to adapt their marketing messages in order to better cater to this influential demographic.

Understanding the Ageing Boomer’s Priorities

Family Landscaping Support

Boomers are now focused on assisting their adult children with the financial burden of landscaping their starter homes. This involves not only funding, but also providing advice on garden design, plant selection, and maintenance.

Teaching Grandchildren

Another priority for ageing Boomers is to pass on their gardening knowledge to the younger generation. This includes teaching grandchildren about nature, the importance of gardening, and the skills required to maintain a beautiful and functional garden.

Adapting Marketing Messages

Emphasizing Multi-Generational Benefits

Marketing campaigns should emphasize the multi-generational benefits of gardening and garden products. By highlighting the joy of sharing gardening experiences with family members, garden centers can appeal to Boomers’ desire to create lasting memories with their children and grandchildren.

Showcasing Ease of Use and Accessibility

Ageing Boomers may face mobility and strength limitations, so showcasing products that are easy to use, lightweight, and ergonomic can make them more appealing. Additionally, consider promoting tools and products that can be used by both grandparents and grandchildren to foster a sense of inclusivity and bonding.

Offering Educational Resources

Provide educational resources that can help ageing Boomers teach their grandchildren about gardening, such as guides, videos, and workshops. Companies can also partner with local gardening clubs or organizations to host intergenerational gardening events, positioning themselves as leaders in fostering family connections through gardening.

Targeting the Right Channels

Utilizing Social Media

Although Boomers may not be as active on social media as younger generations, they still use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay connected and gather information. Share content that showcases the multi-generational appeal of gardening and promote products that cater to the needs of this demographic.

Leveraging Print and Radio

Boomers still consume traditional media like print and radio. Advertising in gardening magazines, newspapers, or on gardening-themed radio programs can help reach this audience effectively.

Collaborating with Influencers

Partner with gardening influencers who have a strong Boomer following or who focus on multi-generational gardening. These influencers can promote your products and help solidify your brand as one that caters to the evolving needs of ageing Boomers.

The ageing Baby Boomer generation presents a unique opportunity for garden centers to adapt their marketing strategies. By understanding their shifting priorities and adjusting marketing messages accordingly, you can effectively engage this demographic and foster long-lasting brand loyalty. Emphasizing multi-generational benefits, showcasing easy-to-use and accessible products, and targeting the right channels can help companies succeed in this evolving market.