Ask Us App Feature

Keep connected with your customers.

The epunched app platform has a rather unique approach to customer loyalty. We’ve long known that consumers choose independent garden centers for their expertise. They come to you with questions about problems they are having in their home landscape – weeds, pests, disease; but they also come to you for information on things they want – what kind of plant is this? What do their favorite birds like to eat? How to create this garden I saw?

Your ability to interact with people on this level gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. That’s why we added the ‘Ask Us’ feature to the epunched customer loyalty app. We know that loyalty is built as much on relationships as it is on deals and rewards.

The ‘Ask Us’ feature is simple and easy to understand. They tap the app, take a photo, submit a question and hit send. The email is directed to a specific email address you would like to use. Your response will generate the type of experience they simply won’t get from any other garden center, box store or chain.

We can also supercharged these signs with the ability to add beacons that can trigger actions and links to website pages like the birding sign example shown on the video that links to a birding guide. The great thing is consumers will use this app more often at home, but they can also use it at your garden center.

We created a series of signs to put around the garden center to tell this story:

  • What kind of plant is this?
  • What kind of weed is this?
  • What kind of bird is this?
  • What kind of disease is this?

These signs cover the majority of the circumstances that generate questions for you and your staff. We designed the signs so that they showcase your app and make the visual connection on what to do with the app. We also include your specific QR codes and search phrase so that those customers who don’t have the app can get it. Of course since you are working with Sunrise Marketing these signs can be customized for other applications.

We offer these Corex signs (lifespan of a couple of years) for just $35 each. You can’t afford to put it off any longer. Contact us today for more details on how we can build you your app.