Finding Floret: A Personal Journey

My daughter Erin has always been keen on sharing new discoveries with my wife and I. It’s through her enthusiastic recommendations that we found ourselves immersed in a delightful discovery that profoundly touched us both: the Magnolia Network show, “Growing Floret.” The protagonists, Erin and Chris Benzakein, turned out to be more than just the founders of Floret Flowers; they were embodiments of passion and perseverance.

Upon watching the show, my wife Ann and I found ourselves engrossed in their world. It wasn’t just a story about a flower farm. Instead, it was a captivating narrative of a family’s journey to establish and grow a unique venture, transforming a passion into a thriving business.

In a day and age where digital connection dominates, it was quite astonishing to see how effectively the Benzakeins were using social media. I was intrigued by the Instagram account of Floret Flowers, helmed by Erin & Chris Benzakein, boasting 1.1 million followers. The breathtaking array of photographs and inspiring content transcended the standard perception of farming, painting it not merely as a business but an artistic pursuit.

The Benzakeins’ journey into the limelight was nothing short of impressive. It was clear that their fame on Instagram had paved the way for the show on the Magnolia Network. Their series gave a more personal glimpse into their lives on the farm. Each episode, deeply personal and resonant, showcased their admirable commitment to sustainable agriculture and biodiversity. It was fascinating to witness the transformation of a local operation into a global sensation.

One aspect that struck me as particularly inspiring was Erin’s role as an influencer. She has harnessed the power of personal branding and social media engagement to promote not just a product, but a whole ethos. The potential of social media to propel a small, local business to global fame was astounding.

Moreover, Erin’s dedication to promoting sustainable farming practices and her efforts to inspire people to grow their own flowers was quite moving. It felt like we were part of a larger movement, a new wave of garden enthusiasts, and small-scale farmers.

From my experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend “Growing Floret” to anyone in the horticultural industry or anyone interested in the power of shared passion. It is more than a business success story – it is a testimony of the impact of authenticity and the unifying bond of shared love for nature.

My journey of Finding Floret has been an enlightening experience. Through the tale of Erin and Chris Benzakein, I’ve learned that the shared passion can indeed create something extraordinary. Their story is not just about creating a successful business but also about fostering a community of like-minded individuals, all connected through a love for flowers and the earth.