Sunrise Marketing Partners With NetPS Plant Finder

NETPS-LOGOYou have a dynamic and responsive website, now you can have an interactive Plant Finder tool, and you have your social media and e-mail newsletter bases covered. Is there anything you’re missing to round out your digital marketing portfolio?
Knowing that smart phones and tablets are now a primary point of contact for their customers, many NetPS clients have asked for an app for mobile devices that integrates the NetPS Plant Finder with a loyalty rewards program, paperless coupons and other digital-friendly marketing tools. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Northscaping has partnered with Sunrise Marketing to bring you the best of both worlds; NetPS and the epunched app platform designed for nurseries and garden centers!
If you haven’t discovered the power of the NetPS Plant Finder then visit their website – – Today. Learn how you can put the power of over 18,000 plants in the pocket of your customers. With the NetPS Plant Finder tool you can add it to both your website and now your own customized mobile app.
epunched is a mobile app platform optimized to meet the specific mobile marketing needs of plant retailers. At its core, it’s a customer loyalty program where your customers download your free app to their mobile devices. Using your branded app, they check in at your store with their smart phone or tablet, they collect points, and they ultimately redeem their rewards when enough points have been collected. The NetPS Plant Finder tool is seamlessly integrated into the app, allowing customers to instantly search through your plant selections on their hand-held devices with the click of a button, and without first requiring a visit to your website. You can further customize your app with features like unlimited push notifications, an “Ask Us” feature where customers can snap and send photos, in-store maps, blog feeds, gardening tips and even automatic check-in technology (using Apple’s iBeacon technology).
The NetPS Plant Finder tool is a natural fit for a garden center app, and marketing for mobile devices has become important enough for all garden centers to consider getting their own app. We’ll be rolling out more details on this partnership in the coming months, but right now you can check out Longfellows Greenhouses’ epunched App by clicking on one of the links below:
Download it to your mobile device, then try it out and see how the NetPS Plant Finder PLUS epunched mobile app can fit into your digital marketing mix!