Share The Love

love-you-signsRecently I worked with Springfield, MA retailer 16 Acres Garden Center on a promotional we added to their annual Spring Fling event. Incorporating the launch of their new mobile app we create a ‘photo booth’ where customers show their love for their favorite garden center. We created some oversized (11″ x 17″) placards that asked customers to express why the loved 16 Acres. The result was wonderful. It is amazing what customers will share when you ask them. One other thing I noticed was how positive people felt after participating in the process. You can actually see them brighten up.

We printed over 250 placards and while we didn’t use them all up, my suggestion was to use them again in the Summer to run a promotion where customers shoot a photo in their garden holding up the placard. Again, take advantage of the fact that people love to share, like to see themselves online and want to share their gardening experiences.

Coming up with promotions that help you connect with your customers in the slower summer months can be a challenge. Consider this type of promotion. You could also use this as an opportunity to build out your experience on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but also some you might not be as familiar with such as Vine, Instagram and Pinterest. While the crush of business around Mother’s Day can leave you a bit limp and listless, but make it a point to put it on the schedule and make it happen.

You can take a look at a video from 16 Acres to see this strategy in action.