NEW! Map Your Store Feature


Sunrise Marketing is excited to announce another great new feature in our epunched customer loyalty app. In addition to our new scrolling tiles we have employed a new mapping software that allows us the ability to develop custom created maps which can detail location information. Users would access the mapping feature through the individual retailers app to load the map URL. The map utilizes user friendly ‘push pins’ to identify the specific location of items ranging from general departments to site specific locations like flowering shrubs.

In addition to identifying locations, users can tap on the icon to load additional information including videos, photos, descriptions and a tab for a directions link on Google maps. The user can then specify either driving or walking directions. The walking option will load real time progress along a designated route to the location.

The mapping feature has sensitivity down to measurement in feet. When coupled with beacons further information can be accessed down to measurement in inches. We expect this technology will allow retailers the opportunity to ‘map’ their facility and use beacons to deliver product or experience specific content.

Retailers interested in this technology will need to be Sunrise Marketing website/app customers using WordPress websites. The cost for custom mapping a location is expected to be $200. All interested retailers should contact us directly by phone 888-393-4443 or email.