Interactive Signs from Sunrise Marketing

Sunrise Marketing has partnered with MasterTag to create a truly innovative approach to store signage. Garden Centers using the epunched customer loyalty app can opt for the supplemental MasterTag content package (150 blog posts, 175 recipes, 50+ videos and a plant database in excess of 1000 plants) which can be used to transform the idea of store signage. We’ve featured the Pick of the Week program in this short video.

Here’s how it works. Our latest version of the epunched platform features the ability to utilize Apple’s new iBeacon technology. It works with all iPhones, iPads and iPad minis. Once the user is in proximity (anywhere from immediate 2″-12″, near (up to 8 ft.) and far (up to 150′ in range) the beacon ‘triggers’ actions on the user’s smart phone. Users must have bluetooth activated and have the app open. The signs prompt users to “Open the app for more information”. Beacons can be placed on the back of the signs to keep them out of site. We feature water-proof beacons that are suitable for outside use.

Once they open the app the options for actions include loading a video, linking to a URL, loading a message, checking in a user (for loyalty punches) and issuing an instant discount. In this example we have a video linked to the beacon. So when the user opened the app it automatically loaded a matching video to the featured plant. The MasterTag library gives us the opportunity to link 50 of the most common annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. This way you can change the featured plant weekly and switch the video link to the related plant.

At Sunrise Marketing we can manage all the details of scheduling your video loads as well as printing the Pick of the Week signs for you.

Learn how you can turn your customers on with signs that turn simple posters into a dynamic interactive experience.

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