5 Keys To Improving Your Website Performance


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Your website could probably use a tune up.

Our goal for 2016 is to help you tell your big story on a small screen. in 2014 the total amount of time consumers spent on smartphones surpassed PCs with more than 50% of all digit time now spent on mobile devices. ‘Digital’ time is defined by website, online sales, social media and mobile apps. 2015 also ushered in significant changes in algorithms used by the major players – Google, Facebook and Gmail. Getting your business found on search engines is important and getting your social media message through the gauntlet that is Facebook has become more challenging than ever. Website security is critical and now gmail filters your emails with social and promotional tabs making it tougher for your email subscribers to get your email newsletters.

Our job is to help you navigate these challenges.

Google has now identified several key factors that now influence search results:

Mobile Friendly Website

Load Speeds

Site Structure



Now is the time to take a closer look at your website. We use the industry standard – Website Grader – to review four key aspects of site performance:

Performance – how fast does the site load

Mobile Friendly – does your website use ‘responsive’ design

SEO – how well optimized is your site

Security – is your website secured with a SSL (Secure Site License)

Reviewing the results we found that our websites averaged a score of 70.73.

On average scores can be improved with a couple of simple changes. Adding a SSL license will instantly increase your score by 10 points; Reducing the size of your home page will improve it anywhere from 3-5 points. Adjusting keywords used in page titles, headings, and body copy will improve results by an additional 3-5 points.

This means the average score of our client websites could be raised by up to 20 points – achieving a 90+ point rating.

Another key insight was the fact that on a variety of search queries twitter posts and youtube videos showed up on first page results prior to organic search results. That means a typical Google search result could push down your site listing with paid ads, image results, twitter streams and youtube results.

Those are significant changes that deserve your attention. With that in mind we created an e-book, ‘Marketing to Mobile’ as a free download for our customers. We invite you to download it, read it, and share it with your staff.

Contact Sunrise Marketing for a FREE website analysis. We’ll provide you with concrete ways to improve your current website with suggestions or a sincere atta boy!