The Future of Smart Signs

The have been called ‘Silent Salesman’. They are designed to help customers find what they are looking for and provide them enough information to convert to sales, all the while building your brand through logo, design and message. They are the backbone of all merchandising strategies. They are signs and they are silent no longer. This Summer we have partnered withMasterTag to create a new generation of ‘Smart Signs’. While they will still feature all the essential elements: title, logo, photos and call to action, they will also provide a digital handshake between the sign and the customer’s smart phone.

We are arming signs from our Pick of the Week and Grow Green programs with beacons. These beacons are devices about the size of a small egg and they transmit a signal that can be picked up by smart phones and tablets running Apple’s iOS 7 operating system (currently over 88% of all Apple devices). They read the signal within an app, in our case garden centers using our epunched mobile app platform, which triggers an action. These actions can be anything from a greeting, a check in (for loyalty programs), an instant reward and a link to a URL.

With those options we can load a video, direct consumers to departments, dispense time sensitive deals (Buy 3 perennials NOW, get the 4th FREE – expires at 5 pm TODAY) or perhaps a list of plants suitable for a butterfly garden. These beacons can be programmed in an instant and changed as many times as you would like. One day it could load a video, the next day a special offer. Since you can move beacons easily you can turn your entire nursery into an interactive playground (Where’s the deal today?).

This is not just technology for technology sake, it is a tool that takes apps, which consumers are already familiar with, and supercharges them for your customers. Now your customers can snap photos, send questions, get instant deals, earn rewards, watch videos, download plant lists and search plant guides for anything they can think of. It is a tool for taking customer service to new heights.