Case Study – Estabrooks Mobile App Campaign

Estabrooks of Yarmouth, Maine has been an early adopter to the technology. They currently have close to 1400 users, with an increase of 28% of new users in the past 90 days. They have seen a consistent growth in check-ins for each of the past three years.


Growth in checkins from peak seasons 2014-16

They were kind enough to share some of their strategies for increasing app adoption.

Large-Sign-21. Signs in the Yard – We have multiple 24” x 36” signs in our yard promoting the app, including one right at the entrance and many major end-caps.  We use two different designs for the signs – one version highlights the deals available on the app and the other promotes our “Smart Signs”, which use the beacon technology.

2. Smart Signs – These are 7” x 11” signs along with beacons that allow customers to watch videos by holding their phone up to the sign.  We recorded the videos ourselves and they offer tips and advice.  You can view the videos online here:

3. Check-In Signs at the Registers – App users can “check-in” at the registers using a beacon that is affixed to a sign on the counter.  I think this type of “frictionless” interaction helps with our number of check-ins.  Customers are reminded to check-in by the sign and can do it themselves without having to ask one of our staff members to assist them.

4. Coupons – We often include a printable sheet of coupons in our weekly email newsletter and always mention that these coupons are also available in the “Rewards” section of our mobile app.

5. Radio Ads – We do quite a bit of radio advertising and we ran some ads that featured our mobile app earlier in the season.

6. Website – There are photos and links promoting the app on the front page of our website.  I’ve been using the tagline “4,500 Plants in Your Pocket” to highlight our plant catalog inside the app.  Here is the page that offers more information on the app:

We have put together a variety of promotional tools, including those used by Estabrooks. You can preview those signs, along with additional new features –

We surveyed 29 participating garden center retailers for a review of usage.

  • Highest user base 1743
  • Lowest user base 77
  • Average of 500 users
  • Average of 130 new users in past 90 days (+26%)
  • User activity rate of 44% in past 90 days
  • 67% of users keep push notification enabled
  • Average annual cost per user $3.77
  • Lowest annual cost per user 68¢

We have also utilized new technology to make it easier for new users to download your app. You can learn more about it here –

We hope you can pick up a few ideas on how you can use epunched to build your loyal customer base. It’s your app, your brand – users download your app from iTunes or Google Play.