Are Beacons in the Future for (You) Your Customers?

Who doesn’t love a good info graphic? This one, originally published by beaconstac, lays out a pretty compelling case for the adoption of beacons. As a kind of nerdy guy I am all over beacons, but are they right for you? There are a variety of reasons why we built out our epunched platform with the ability to utilize beacons, but primarily because they addressed several key challenges that retailers face when trying to implement a customer loyalty program.

  • Easy Adoption – Consumer downloads free app, simple easy to understand tabs.
  • Easy to Use – Place phones in proximity to beacon for check ins, messages and deals. No QR codes or complicated process.
  • Rewarding – Consumers can see where they are in the program which is a common complaint with most rewards programs.
  • Access to Information – Plant database, Ask Us feature, Web links and Videos address consumer education all of which lead to customer loyalty.

All of which are great, but how do they match up to your reality? The best of ideas is not going to work if the benefits are not immediately obvious. That is not a blanket excuse for not keeping up with things, but let’s be real, if you don’t have an individual championing new ideas at your business it just won’t happen.

To see if you (or your customers) are ready for what lies ahead I put together a few questions for you. I hope this might help you determine if you are ready or not.

  • Is it easy for customers to use and understand?
  • Does it help you do something you can’t do now?
  • Can it help you do what you do now only better?
  • Can it help you give your customers what they want?

Ok. chew on that for a while. Here is quite possibly the largest info graphic I have seen this month :).