Adam’s Adventure Playground Opens

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, a little boy’s dream came true, and Sunrise Marketing helped make it possible. On November 2, 2009 7 year-old Adam Mlodzinski was stricken with Bacterial Meningitis and nearly died. He survived the ordeal, but the disease left him completely blind with cognitive impairments and a seizure disorder.
Adam is the neighbor of our office manager, Alison Knybel. He and Alison’s daughter, Molly, had been life- long best-friends and had enjoyed many happy hours playing in the woods, swinging on the swings, riding their bikes, and laughing endlessly. Molly was happy and excited when Adam came home from the hospital five months later. But sadly, the boy who came home was not the same Adam. Bewildered and heartbroken, the Knybel’s felt they had to do something to help ease the pain for their beloved neighbors. Many others also wanted to help.


Alison approached Adam’s mom, Kate, at the bus stop one morning and told her how many people wanted to contribute to help their family. But Kate did not feel it would be right to accept even more from the people of the town. They had already been extremely generous while Adam was in the hospital. After all, she said, the Mlodzinski’s were not the only family in the town who had a child with special needs. There were many other families that also needed help. “Let’s build an accessible playground in town! That way ALL the families will benefit!” The idea for Adam’s Adventure was born!


Alison Knybel (Led the Project), Ann Caranci (Designed All Graphics), Kate Mlodzinski (Adam’s Mother)

Alison had no idea what she was getting into at the time, nor that it would take six years to complete the project! It involved meeting with the town manager for approval, presenting in front of the town council, forming a committee and a board of directors, and applying for a 501c3. The application would cost $800.00, and the committee did not have the money to pay for it. This is where Sunrise Marketing stepped in for the very first time. Our designer at the time, Ann Caranci, created the adorable logo still used today, and Kurt donated supplies to make buttons. The buttons were priced at $3 each, and sold like hot cakes! The $800 was raised in no time at all! Next, Sunrise Marketing designed and printed post cards, brochures, signage, and designed an incredible website! Kurt’s generosity was insurmountable, and without it, the project may not have gotten off the ground at all.

Kurt and the staff at Sunrise Marketing were honored at the Grand Opening Ceremony of Adam’s Adventure on Sunday. Seeing the joy on Adam’s face as he finally was able to swing once again was worth every bit of effort that was put into completing the project over the past six years!